Sometimes, when in the right mood, I paint.

Pictures are sorted, newest first.

(’new‘ means 2020..)

Inner spheres

top: The friend within – energetic and creative

middle: The sun within – it burns

bottom: The enemy within – subtle darkness

Geburtstag – Birthday

I recently turned 40 and besides books and all some friends gifted me 10 canvas and some brushes. Downside for them is that they have to take the paintings 🙂 So, heres the first one, obviously titled birthday.

The moor you know

I go to lots of small concerts and soemtimes the music hangs in my head for quite some time after. As was the case with the band Big Business. And this time I decided to put things on canvas. Its also inspired by Lovecraft whom I read at that time.


Schneesturm – Snowstorm

Ausbruch Trilogie – Breakout trilogy

This is the last of the 2017 trilogies. Painted these in August and September and used only colours. Basically I planned it this way, starting with only black in the first triloogy, then using two colours and using more in the last one. I´m really contempt with these and now it´s time for the next ideas.

Ketten – Chains

Eskalation – Escalation

Raubtier – Predator


I don’t like it. Painted it over a period of two months, a stroke or circle here and there once in a while and messed it up. Time for the next one.

Eins & Zwei – One & Two (Trilogy)

The second trilogy in 2017 painted from March to June using only red and blue (except in the Lone Wolf one). This deals with the endeavours that two persons can expereince when they meet.

Einzelgänger – Lone wolf


Zwei – Two

Konfrontation – Confrontation

Die Dunklen – The dark trilogy

The first trilogy in 2017 painted on three consecutive days middle of February. This was a very emotional time for me and I had to get rid of some dark emotions. And you know what – it felt much better afterwards, seeing darkness brought to light.

Vergessen – Forgetting


Leere – Emptiness


Vergeltung – Vengeance


„I don´t want to die“

Theres a story to that one.

Was driving home from Greece with my motorbike, 2000 kms. South of Zagreb at halftime after 12 hours of continuous driving, at 3AM, with rain pouring down since hours, gusts from the right, alone in the darkness, hoping for the next fuel station, motel whatever, trucks dangerously overtaking me, I only felt one thing: I don´t want to die.

I´ll never ever do such a thing again. Hard-boiled attitude aside, fear of death sucks.




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