Reversing forced right-handedness III – Experience

Being one month into this now, let me tell you some experiences.

It is amazing how mundane tasks work better with the left hand, be it lighting a match, opening a lock, using cutlery, stick to the rhythm of music or using the left foot as the tact-giver or holding or using something; its amazing. The left is my stronger side, I´m pretty much aware of this now, one month after switching.

The first weeks it felt quite awkward because procedurally and intuitively I´m used to do anything with the right and I had to force myself to do stuff with my left. But now it almost feels natural and everything small and simple works equal or better with the left, I also intuitively use my left in the first place. Writing still is a big problem, it will take me months if not years to switch it and these days I´m not a hundred percent convinced if it will ever happen. This is the biggest task but I´m willing to test myself. What also does not work pretty well is gaming on the computer, it´s too deeply wired. But my gaming career which lasted for more than 20 years now is coming to and end anyways or at least I´m reducing it to a much lower level, don´t have the time these days.

It´s pretty much clear now, I´m a left-hander. This is definitely one of the most important conclusions and experiences I´ve ever had and if only for this moment of clarity it has already been worth considering myself with this stuff. Feels good.

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